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Dolphins Retreat
Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat


We believe that our retreats are more than just a getaway. Our guests often tell us that they feel like they're part of a family when they stay with us. Take a look at what some of our guests have to say about their experience with us, and start planning your own beautiful beginning today.

A Come Back to My Life

I was very depressed this winter, and going on this trip helped me see beauty in life again. I laughed, smiled, and was happy – 3 things that were completely absent in my day-to-day during the weeks leading up to the retreat. It was a great reminder that there are people who love and care about me so deeply. Feeling that connection to “my pod” and being in touch with nature was a true blessing that motivated me to come back to my life and seek additional support for my mental health. Thank you so much for running these trips! I LOVE them.

Margaret H.

Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat
Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat
Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat

Life's Most Profound Experience

My experiences with Your Beautiful Beginnings and Amy on the dolphin trips have been nothing short of extraordinary. Each excursion has transported me far from the ordinary, immersing me in the pure essence of nature's beauty. Interacting with the dolphins feels like tapping into a deeper, more profound connection.

One particular trip, during my pregnancy, stands out vividly. It seemed as though the dolphins sensed this special time in my life, creating unforgettable moments of connection. These excursions have gifted me some of life's most profound experiences.

Returning home, I am invariably rejuvenated, with a yearning to preserve that sense of tranquility indefinitely. Eagerly anticipating more adventures with Your Beautiful Beginnings!

Tina L.

Let Go of the Hussle

Going on Amy's Beautiful Beginning retreats is like taking a big gulp of fresh air. My favorite part is always being in the water with the dolphins. Sometimes it is more one-on-one encounters and sometimes the whole pod is playing and circling with our group and both experiences fill me with joy, gratitude, and healing. I find that every time I adventure out with her and each group, I connect with a new part of myself and come back feeling refreshed and inspired. Amy is a wonderful group leader and ensures that all members of the group feel comfortable and taken care of. I always meet the most wonderful people in these travel groups and every trip is an opportunity to let go of the hustle and busyness of daily life and rather to engage with my deeper self. It is such a gift of an experience that I have been going for many years and plan to for many years to come!

Emily H.

Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat
Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat
Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat

Something I Will Never Forget

I loved swimming on the last day with the group and linking arms and having the pod of dolphins swarming in and around our little pod of people. That was magical and something I will never forget. They were so rowdy and huge and yet were very aware of us and I never felt unsafe, just so excited and in awe. They were so curious to get to know us and vice versa. Loved this trip! Thank you Amy and Your Beautiful Beginning!


Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat
Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat
Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat


I cannot even explain what those moments are like and to experience them with Amy is just amazing.


An Amazing Feeling

It’s an amazing feeling getting to swim side by side seeing the dolphins in the middle of the ocean. And being present with everyone makes that much more special. I love that I'm able to get out of my head when I’m with everyone, and that’s something that doesn’t happen very often for me. Our group is special and I love that we all have a special connection and friendship.


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