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Dolphins Retreat
Your Beautiful Beginning

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Experience the extraordinary power of being in the presence of wild dolphins.

Humans have always shared a deeply personal and spiritual connection with wild dolphins. Simply being in their presence returns you back to your truest and most highest self. Encountering dolphins helps you access core needs that have gone unmet for too long, allowing you to heal from the inside out. Our holistic approach includes various modalities of healing and wellness, including 5 wild dolphin encounters, daily nutritious meals, joyful movement and dance, yoga, meditation, facilitated group reflection sessions, self-love and trust workshops.


This intimate experience is open to 21 beautiful souls who wish to feel nourished, refreshed, and rejuvenated in community. This sacred retreat is for women only.


Your Beautiful Beginning
Your Beautiful Beginning
Your Beautiful Beginning
Your Beautiful Beginning
Your Beautiful Beginning
It’s an amazing feeling getting to swim side by side seeing the dolphins in the middle of the ocean. And being present with everyone makes that much more special. 


I cannot even explain what those moments are like and to experience them with Amy is just amazing.


It is such a gift of an experience that I have been going for many years and plan to for many years to come!

Emily H.

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