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Dolphins Retreat

Let's Recharge

Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat
Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat

You are unconditionally accepted without any preconceived judgements or assumptions. It’s a beautiful experience to feel so seen and accepted as well as having a mutual desire to connect deeply and explore. Your Beautiful Beginning was born in 2016 and Amy has done over 10 healing retreats. Along with Your Beautiful Beginning retreats, Amy cares for clients with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relational needs in her private practice. Amy says "Being in the presence of a wild dolphin is something extraordinary".


This experience transformed Amy’s bliss, aliveness, gratitude, and peace, and she wants to share this amazing opportunity with you.

Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat
Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat

About Amy

Our Retreat Leader

Amy Quinn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist in California and Pennsylvania. Amy fell in love with dolphins when she was just 3 years old and always wanted to be a dolphin trainer. She accomplished this goal at age 19 and was a volunteer dolphin trainer at Curaçao’s Dolphin Academy for 4 summers. Curaçao also has a Dolphin Therapy and Research Program and the healing the dolphins were providing for so many inspired Amy to continue her studies to become a therapist and incorporate dolphins. Amy struggled in her youth from ADHD, Anxiety and Eating Disorders. Dolphins brought Amy a beautiful healing energy to come home to herself in love, acceptance, confidence, joy, and play. 

Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat

A letter from Amy

Welcome! I am so happy you are here. Thank you for choosing to spend your time with me and the dolphins this week. Our journey together has already begun. My passion and purpose in this lifetime is to give love and adventure while holding a nurturing and safe space for the challenges that arise in our journey of life. The ocean and dolphins continue to teach me to slow down, breathe, have patience, and to be playful which has provided an abundance of joy that I am eager to share with all of you.


I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to share the magic these beautiful beings offer us totally organically. There is total acceptance just as you are. The dolphins teach us to come home into our ourselves and release the inner critical that can keep us stuck. Every day is different, and every person has their own self-discovery of how the dolphins connected with them. This is such a special journey, and I am so grateful to share it with you.


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