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Our Mission

To inspire, motivate and promote physical and mental health healing through unique encounters with wild dolphins.


Making Memories

Your Beautiful Beginning is an exclusive wellness retreat that combines therapeutic reflections and adventures with wild dolphins.

Encounters with wild dolphins in their natural environment can inspire an amazing awareness that can help stimulate healing for those in recovery from eating disorders, anxiety, depression, or for those who just want to experience an unbelievable adventure with family and friends.


 At Your Beautiful Beginning, we believe an encounter with wild dolphins allows for a special kind of connection with one's authentic self. This connection can give access to deeper core issues through the new encountered experience. Dolphins and humans are alike in many ways; we share rich and complex inner worlds. We are emotional, self-aware mammals who experience a large spectrum of feelings and foster deep connections.


Being in the presence of a dolphin is pretty magical and when paired with a Your Beautiful Beginning retreat experience, you will not only create a memory that will last a lifetime, but a healing experience that will impact your road to recovery forever.


I can't wait to make exciting memories with you!

See you soon,

Amy Ruffolo Quinn


Amy Ruffolo Quinn is a licensed clinical social worker in California and also licensed in Pennsylvania. Specializing in mental health and direct practice, Amy has extensive experience working with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and helping to heal relationships. She has a private practice in the beautiful beach city of El Segundo, California.


Join us for a once in a lifetime four-night, five-day wild dolphin retreat on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. There you will connect with your peers, Amy, and of course the dolphins for and experience of a lifetime!

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