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Hawaii Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreat

Join us for a once in a lifetime four-night, five-day wild dolphin retreat on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Our group will wake up each morning to a delicious breakfast at the resort before heading out to a thrilling boat ride where you will soak up the sights and the warm sun of the Kona Coast. Our group will learn about the residential spinner, bottlenose, and spotted dolphins, their behaviors and social/family systems. We will meet up with the residential spinner dolphins and other species if we’re lucky! Then we will then put on our snorkel gear and get into the water, take our time, breathe, and be amazed with these gentle giants. We will be with the dolphins as long as they want to hang out with us and this is where the magic happens! We also may be lucky enough to see some whales!  Through the months of December-March we will a get the chance to see the majestic Humpback whales who come to Hawaii to give birth. After our trips out in the morning we will have lunch and  and relax by the water sharing reflections of our experiences.

5 Day Program Schedule/Themes

Day 1: Introductions, journey, and arrival to destination, learning to create intentions and goals. Discovering joy in fun flavors and food variety from the island. Honoring connection with self and group. Finding the beauty in new beginnings.


Day 2: Exploring ways to practice and think about buffet dining as is pertain to recovery. Takings risks in recovery and in the water. How to create safety and security with something larger than self. Experiential Dolphin Adventure. How to trust self in recovery, ask for help and work together as a team. Luau experience- joy of food, gifts of culture, movement, dance, and ritual celebrations.


Day 3: Communal dining, creating safety, redefining, and exploring ways to think about buffet dining and variety of foods. Exploring new flavors and celebration of food. Experiential Dolphin Adventure. Special ceremony with spiritual healer (Kumu), learning about giving and receiving, special group reflection. Ceremonial dining, taking care of self/others, mindfulness, your beautiful beginning mantra.


Day 4: Communal dining, finding comfort with variety of buffet dining. Joy with food and honoring intuition. Experiential Dolphin Adventure. Lessons of mindful movement, beauty of body, rest, and stillness. Bravery in experiential therapies and courage with ease and stillness. Celebration of food and appreciation of nourishment of our mind, body, and soul.


Day 5: Relaxed communal dining and honoring of self-discovery, reflecting on intentions, and goals. Our journey continues, bringing beauty with us, allowing beauty within us, among us, reflection, mindfulness, and celebration. Experiential, relational, and behavioral therapies that keep connection long lasting.

Price:$3500 with flights $2500 without flights

​Price Includes:

Round-trip Airfare from LAX to KOA

Four nights and five days at the Royal Kona Resort

Shuttle Service

Four Delicious Breakfasts

Two Tasty Dinners (Including a wonderful Luau experience!)

Therapeutic Daily Reflections

Multi-Day Wild Dolphin Adventures

Array of self-discovery activities

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