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Amy Ruffolo Quinn is a licensed clinical social worker in California and also licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. Along with Your Beautiful Beginning, Amy has her own Private Practice in the beautiful beach city of El Segundo, California. She specializes in eating disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, family, and healing relationships. Amy has always been very passionate about helping others as she is recovered from an eating disorder herself.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Amy is a total "yinzer,” but loves to travel and moved to California with her husband in 2012 to create a new, exciting beginning. She always dreamed of being near the ocean to make her vision of combining wild dolphin encounters with recovery a reality.

Wild Dolphin Assisted Therapy holds a significant place in Amy’s heart. Much of her own recovery and life’s passion has been working with dolphins and learning more about the healing connection between humans and dolphins. Amy believes an encounter with a wild dolphin allows for a special kind of vulnerability that gives access to deeper core issues 

About Amy

that may be difficult to surface in talk therapy.  Amy says "Being in the presence of a wild dolphin in nature is something extraordinary". This experience transformed Amy and ignited feelings of bliss, aliveness, gratitude and peace. Her encounters were individually incredible and allowed for amazing growth in her recovery process. She wants to share these amazing opportunities with others who want to explore a unique type of therapeutic approach and/or have adventure of a lifetime! Amy has expanded Your Beautiful Beginning's Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreats for professionals, friends, family, and couples!

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